Thursday, December 20, 2007

Turnkey, Secure, Hosted, Corporate, Travel Portals

It is extraordinary, that there is so much noise surrounding safe travel! It almost sounds like the irrational noise surrounding outsourcing and off-shoring.

All of this stems from the fact that it is no longer necessary to obtain referees that will corroborate an experience or statement as credible nor produce facts that bear out the statements that are made.

Most travel around the world (99%) is perfectly safe if you exclude war zones, ghettos, slums.

Or put it another way most travel today is as dangerous as it was 30 years ago in fact it is probably a lot safer as there is much more regulation, oversight and high tech involved in the experience.

The question now is where can you get the best deal for your buck without slumming it. The answer to that lies in the various facilities that are currently available to small businesses to buy travel at reasonable prices.

In fact Turnkey, Secure Corporate Travel Portals give you the security and control over your businesses travel spend without slumming it.

These solutions give you unique access to the finer aspects of travel without having to pay through the nose for it!

At they offer these turnkey, secure hosted corporate websites for a mere $450 one time set up fee and a $50 monthly fee for 24/7 Traveler's support (800 number), site maintenance and liability insurance.

In exchange for that you get a Travelocity like corporate travel portal with your logo and all, that will allow you to book your corporate travel at very competitive rates and the privilege to earn 6% on every dollar your company spends on travel.

Additionally the Corporation gets access to the travel industry as an insider and can access most of the travel providers directly as a travel agent. This will come in very handy if you would like to organize client events or employee outings and so forth. The ability to contact the provider directly and obtain group discounts is enviable.

The solution provided at is particularly suited for small partnerships, sole proprietors, even frequent travelers.

The solution breaks even at $6000 travel spend per year.

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