Friday, November 23, 2007

YTB Breaking the MOlD cont'd?

Remember NetFlix? Read on.

As I said yesterday, Breaking the MOLD is not easy!

TRAVEL WEEKLY (11/20/2007)Club 33:

The most influential people in the travel industry "Travel Weekly's list of the 33 most influential people in travel is notpopulated by folks with fancy titles who pull the right strings and make the industry behave as it should.
It's not about that sort of influence. It's filled with people who, often working in isolation, had ideas thatveered from the status quo and succeeded so spectacularly that theindustry jumped out of its rut and followed. They're the ones who, when they set their own agendas, set ours as well.

We didn't give people much credit for their great deeds of yesteryear.If they're on this list today, it's because they've influenced thecourse travel is taking in 2007, and we think they'll be just as influential in 2008.

Kim Sorensen, CEO, YTB Travel Network

Sorensen went, in a matter of weeks, from a virtual unknown in the industry to its favorite target for vitriol (from traditional travelagents and some suppliers) or admiration (from his tens of thousands of referring agents and, behind closed doors, some suppliers). He hasdemonstrated some grace under fire, admitting his organization is stillmaturing, and we suspect that he and YTB will be around for many years, all parties to examine what constitutes a legitimate seller of travel and challenging suppliers to assess how, and with whom, they wish to do business."

It Is Not Easy to break the Mold!

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